how it works


.01 Review My Gallery, Services, rates, Schedule and NOTES

This will be outlined in the Details tab. We are both investing precious time. Therefore, I have provided as much information as possible about my work and my working style to help you determine if I am the right photographer for you and your family. 

.02 submit your request via contact form

Beyond the logistics, I use the information to know what goals are and get you thinking about the photos you'd like to see out of the shoot. I like to do research so I can provide you with suggestions and guide on how to best prepare for the shoot. 

.03 Your request is reviewed

I review your request to determine if I can meet your portrait goals, date & time request. I usually like to get back to inquiries within 1 business day, no more than 2 business days. If I'm traveling and unable to have access to my mail, I will have this information available in the website so you are aware.  You will receive information about the shoot, the contract and request to do a quick chat on the phone if possible. I require contracts to be reviewed and deposit to be sent within 2 business days to lock in the dates to schedule with me. 

.04 Pre-Shoot Preparation

While we can't anticipate every scenario, I always find it helpful to know what I need to have ready and expect. This way you are better relaxed during the shoot. You will receive an email reminder from me 1 week before and a check-in text a couple of days before. 

.05 The photoshoot

It's the day I am excited about the most, this is the time we have fun! Arrive 15 minutes prior to our appointment time to go to the restroom, last minute feeding and get your bearings if you are coming from a long drive. We'll take care of full payment, contract signing and do a short orientation prior to the beginning of the shoot. 

.06 Pick your photos to edit

Proof photos are sent to you within 48 hours. These are all the photos from the shoot with no editing. You will need to pick the photos you’d like edited> the number of photos will depend on the package you choose. I try to get the photos ready to go within a 1-2 weeks with the goal of SOONER so you can share it with your family and friends. I do as minimal edits as possible because I like to keep the integrity of the shot. 

.07 Photos are available

Once all edits have been completed, I will send you a link to the gallery along with the password.